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Ming River


A partner of Drink Baijiu, Ming River is a brand of Sichuan baijiu. As you may have learned from Drink Baijiu, baijiu is more than just Chinese whiskey, it’s more of a broad category of liquor – translating to “white spirits” in Mandarin. This site was more story driven and only the blog would be the dynamic part of the site. However, even “static” pages have custom fields so the client can update them at will from the back-end.


The challenging part of this site was implementing a translation solution. WPML was the client’s go to solution for this, but adjusting layout to accommodate new word and overall content length is something WPML can’t do. Plus with translators on the client’s staff, we decided instead to come up with a more custom solution – a WordPress multi-site. The reason for this move is two-fold, less third-party code bloat and more control of the front-end.

For instance, if you wanted to translate to Arabic or Japanese, both of which are RTL languages, you would need to be able to style the content of the site to read that way. Moreover, since the original site was designed in English, languages that have longer words or phrases need adjusted spacing so the design doesn’t break. Content is everything.